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1. Ys
2. June
3. From Too Much Love Of Living
4. Time
5. Nebulae
6. Wrote Myself A Letter

7. How Beautiful You Are

8. Lost At Sea
9. Phantoms

10. Tide

11. Les Ruines Du sommeil

12. Lotus Flower

13. Boîte À Tisanes

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Annie Barbazza
: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Indian Harmonium, Bass, Piano, Soundscapes, Autoharp

Camillo Mozzoni: oboe (track 4 and 10)
Daniel Lanois
: Pedal Steel Guitar (track 1 and 11)
Franz Soprani: Tibetan Bell (track 9)
Fred Frith: Electric Guitar (track 8 and 13)
Greg Lake: Original Track Production (track 13)
John Greaves: Bass (track 3), Vocals (track 7)
Lino Capra Vaccina: Percussion, (track 4, 6, 10 and 12), Vibraphone (track 4, 10 and 12), Vocals (track 6)
Max Marchini: Bass (track 7 and 9)
Michael Tanner: Autoharp (track 6)
Olivier Mellano: Electric Guitar (track 3 and 7)

Paolo Tofani: Madhuria Guitar (track 12) 

Paul Roland: Vocals (track 6)

William Xerra: Cover Design 

with Camillo Mozzoni, Daniel Lanois, Franz Soprani, Fred Frith, Greg Lake, John Greaves, Lino Capra Vaccina, Max Marchini Michael Tanner, Olivier Mellano, Paolo Tofani Paul Roland, William Xerra

about Vive

This is Annie Barbazza’s first solo album. She was a young drummer in love with progressive rock when Greg Lake discovered her talent as a singer and wanted her on stage with him for the concert which would later become the posthumous “Live in Piacenza”. Again Lake produced “Moonchild”, the duo with pianist Max Repetti for Manticore Records. If these were the beginnings of Annie’s career, now she is a rising star of the international Avant / Prog scene. Her friendship with John Greaves ( Henry Cow, National Health ...) leads her to collaborate permanently live with the Welsh musician and to collaborate on his latest albums (“Piacenza” for Dark Companion and “Life Size” for Manticore). Another one of her stable collaborations is the one with singer-songwriter Paul Roland with whom Annie regularly performs live as a bassist and singer and in the studio also as a drummer. Of extraordinary success both with critics and audiences is the recent collaboration with the North Sea Radio Orchestra as main vocalist in “Folly Bololey” (Dark Companion), the tribute to Robert Wyatt which triumphed at Rock In Opposition festival and at Cafe Oto in London, the cradle of new music. In studio she collaborates, among others, with Giorgio Fico Piazza and with Warm Morning Brothers, while live she performs together with artists such as Eugenio Finardi, Osanna, Robyn Hitchcock etc. in addition to the ones afore-mentioned.

This album has a long history: Lake originally wanted Annie to played all the instruments, but the record slowly turned into an all-star friends collaboration for most of them asked Annie to be part of it, from Fred Frith to John Greaves, from Lino Capra Vaccina to Daniel Lanois and Paul Roland. All tracks are original with the exception of two tracks written for her by John Greaves and Paul Roland and a cover of the splendid Blegvad / Greaves classic, How Beautiful You Are.

Who knows Annie is aware of her elusive, shy nature. By these songs, she gave voice to her inner ghosts and dreams, desires and fierce creativity.
An intimate, courageous, innovative album in which the many influences and musical styles of Annie melts together. Producer Max Marchini wanted to keep as immediate as they were conceived and played, avoiding over-engineering and over arrangements. The result is a collection of songs that span over the years working on which the many sides of the sparking, incredible voice of Annie Barbazza are the main character.

The album cover is visual artist William Xerra’s design.

produced by Max Marchini

recorded, mixed and mastered at Elfo Studios in Tavernago (Italy) by Alberto Callegari

Vive (teaser)