Keith & Julie Tippett Lino Capra Vaccina Paolo Tofani

A Mid Autumn Night’s Dream

release date: January 18, 2019

A very limited edition 1st press in 500 hand numbered audiophile dark blue coloured vinyl and 500 hand-numbered audiophile silver CDs. Preorder now: www.darkcompanion.com/dc006-tippetts-capra-vaccina-tofani

Another true masterpiece. A Mid Autumn Night’s Dream faithfully report a one shot concert that took place at Conservatorio Nicolini in Piacenza on October 1st, 2016. The four giants of new music never played together before. As the lights turned off something magic started. A spontaneous interplay, an amazingflowing of notes. The subject was the Night, its mystic flavours.

Paolo Tofani, now a hindi monk, is a living legend in Italian avantgarde music having been the driving force of the band Area in the seventies. He worked and recorded with many musicians including John Cage, Alvin Curran, SteveLacy just to mention a few. His last album, Real Essence, an acoustig solo, have impressed the late Greg Lake whoeventually wrote the liner notes.

Lino Capra Vaccina provided the visionary sound of the seminal italian ensemble Aktuala then formed with Fran- co Battiato and Juri Camisasca the legendary Telaio Magnetico, then worked with Battiato and eventually played percussion in La Scala Orchestra with Claudio Abbado. In Italy he is a true legend and a most respected muscian. Hisfirst solo album, Antico Adagio along with his last one Metafisiche del Suono, are considered amongst the very best avantgarde albums ever.

Keith Tippett is another living legend in british jazz music: band leader, composer, visionary pianist. With an uncompromising career full of outstanding gems. A larger audience knows him as a member of King Crimson or theleader of Centipede. His skills goes from contemporary jazz to larger compositions for orchestra and classical musicas well. One of his latest piano solo album, Mujician IV live in Piacenza, have been critically acclaimed all over the world.

Julie Tippetts lent her fantastic voice to various situations, many times side by side with her husband Keith. The team called one of their duo album Couple in Spirit, as they are in life and art. Julie is a fantastic musician who added a magic touch, a siren call to this masterpiece.

Keith Tippett

piano, musical box, woodblocks, pebbles, maraca

Julie Tippetts

voice, small bells, struck thumb piano, swivel drum, miniature xylophone

Lino Capra Vaccina

vibraphone, cymbals, percussions, gongs, tam-tam, timpani, chimes, bells

Paolo Tofani

madhura, santoor, electronics & devices

music by Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Lino Capra Vaccina, Paolo Tofani. “You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me” theme by Mongezi Feza, Ogun Publishing. produced by Max Marchini

recorded at “Musiche Nuove a Piacenza” festival on October 1st, 2016 at Conservatorio Nicolini, Piacenza by Alberto Callegari. mixed by Alberto Callegari with Lino Capra Vaccina at Elfo Recording Studios, Tavernago (PC) cover graphics by Max Marchini

It really was a magical evening. The four musicians never played together before and that was exactly my plan: just a brief sound check. The music was purely spontaneous and flowed freely like thoughts. Moving from soul to soul between them and the audience. This recording is witness to that magic. No Tricks, No overdubs. Max Marchini Preorder now: www.darkcompanion.com/dc006-tippetts-capra-vaccina-tofani