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about Vincenzo Ramaglia

Vincenzo Ramaglia is a Roman composer active in contemporary music experimentation and in what he calls PEM ("Popular Experimental Music").

After the academic training - at the end of which he wins the TIM (Tournoi International de Musique) with an orchestral work - his music research insinuates itself into the alchemy between score and improvisation, between electronics, acoustic instruments (often investigated in their extended techniques) and voice. He collaborates with exponents of the music avant-garde, including Massimo Ceccarelli (virtuoso of contemporary double-bass), Renato Ciunfrini (multi-instrumental improviser), Laure Le Prunenec (singer of the French group Igorrr).

Between various Italian universities and academies, he carries on a parallel activity of teacher, musicologist specialized in audiovisual aesthetics and education on music applied to images. He is also director of the Griffith Academy of Cinema and Television in Rome, where he is educational manager of the Film and Video Soundtrack course.

He composes the soundtrack of "Ore 2: calma piatta" by Marco Pontecorvo (Mikado Film), with John Turturro (Nastro d’Argento 2003).

In 2004 he publishes "The sound and the image: music, voice, noise and silence in the film" (Dino Audino Editore).

"Atomic City" is the fourth album by Vincenzo Ramaglia, landing of a long research path that begins more than ten years earlier and is marked by the three recording projects before this unexpected electronic turn... read more Here is a video for you of "Atomic City 5" from Atomic City :

Get your copy: http://store.maracash.com/product_info.php?products_id=482