release date: Sept. 6th, 2019

limited edition of: - 500 golden cd

- 24 pages full color booklet with lyrics


Mick Crossley (Flyte Reaction) Annie Barbazza Joshua Roland Marco Colombo Elia Callegari


“Paul Roland writes nice melodies and has a very particular personality, but he is too intellectual for me!”

(Frank Zappa, 1988)

1313 Mocking Bird Lane is the 20th album from Paul Roland, the man Record Collector magazine called a ‘Psych- pop genius’ and whom ‘Shindig’ magazine celebrated with a 7-page feature in March this year under the title ‘Return of the King’. Since the appearance of his first album ‘The Werewolf of London’ in 1980 (a John Peel favourite and a regular fea- tured album at the legendary Bat Cave) Roland has written and recorded 20 albums including ‘A Cabinet of Curiosi-ties’ which ‘Rolling Stone’ named “one of the best albums you’ve probably never heard”, the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired‘Reanimator’ and ‘Bates Motel’ with songs written for surviving members of the Velvet Underground.

For four decades Roland has been spinning twisted tales of Victorian villains, eccentric Edwardian inventors and thesupernatural against a backdrop of gothic-psych-baroque pop, earning him the title “the male Kate Bush” (a com- parison attributed to former label mate Robyn Hitchcock) and, more recently, “the Godfather of Steampunk”. His highly literate lyrics, often macabre themes and strong melodic gift has attracted an increasingly large and loyal cult following while his proudly independent ethos has ensured he has remained a cherished niche artist.

Paul’s first album for Dark Companion, ‘White Zombie’, was acclaimed ‘a masterpiece’ by RAI, Italy’s national TV and radio broadcaster, and his last group album ‘Bitter and Twisted’ was nominated for ‘Album of the Year’ in aFrench rock magazine and ‘Album of the Month’ in several national magazines in Germany. 1313 is Paul’s strongest set of songs to date, taking in dreamy psych with a 19th century Parisian setting (‘Salon of the Senses’), quirky sixties pop (‘My Next Life’, ‘Little White Lies’ and ‘Won’t Go Surfin’ No More’) and what a US rockmag once described as ‘goth rock as cartoon’ on the title track, a paean to the souped-up hearse driven by cult 60sTV family The Munsters.

1313 Mocking Bird Lane is a real Munster of an album. We are confident Frank would approve.

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1.  Salon of the Senses

2.  My Next Life

3.  When Chet Baker Sings

4.  Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

5.  She’s A Mind-Reader

6.  Voodoo Man

7.  Joe Strummer Said

8.  Another Ingmar Bergman Interlude

9.  Little White Lies

10.  Won’t Go Surfin’ No More

11.  She’s My Guru

12.  Summer of Love

13.  1313 Mocking Bird Lane

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About Paul:

“Roland has a unique gift for song writing unlike anyone else and the imagination on display is formidable...we clearly are in the presence of a master storyteller.” Louder Than War, UK

“Gothic-psych-baroque-rocker waxing demented in a way only an Eng- lishman can...impeccable.” Goldmine, USA

“If pop music had existed in the 19th century Roland would have been a star.” Music Week, UK

“Roland endures as a purveyor of a unique type of English art-rock who should be celebrated.” 8/10 Vive Le Rock, UK

“A darkly psychedelic troubadour” Shindig, UK

“Genius at play! If Shakespeare, Poe and Conan Doyle were alive today, they would surely have some Roland in their record collections. Unfortu- nately, they’re dead... what’s your excuse?” Bucketful of Brains, UK