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The aim of Dark Companion is to gather together musical excellences from the most various fields, from all the countries and release artifacts both vinyl records and cds, entirely handmade and individually numbered. From Songwriting to folk, from contemporary classics to real jazz, from experimental to classical music from both western and eastern cultures. 

We want The Dark Companion to represent the musical research

The sound is everything.

We do believe that “klang" is the centre, so we spend all our energy to ensure our records, both vinyl and cds, the most vibrant, realistic, high-end sound quality possible. Nothing can match the energy and soul that moves a live gig. So some of our records are recorded live with no overdubs or tricks, but using the best microphones and technology in order to give the listener a real audiophile experience.

related series

Ephemerals, as the name suggests, are extremely limited issue, mainly on CDr, of peculiar and magical albums, recorded live or in a recording studio, in handcrafted and numbered editions, never intended to be reissued so all those little gems are bound to be even rare and sought after records in a very short future. As our most strict policy, all our records are of demonstration audiophile quality, and the same rule applies to the ephemeral series (so, grab them while you may!)

Even though we’re deeply devoted to new music, we also do believe music is one. So we developed a subsidiary space for all what we do believe are true masterpieces in pop (from popular) music. Again Unifaun Production, as Dark Companion's other sublabels, share the policy of presenting masterpieces in demonstration like audiophile quality.

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