Paul Roland

White Zombie

Paul Roland: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Paola Tagliaferro: High Priestess' lead vocals
Lorenzo Trecordi: electric guitar, flute

Max Marchini: electric bass, electric guitar, e-bow
Annie Barbazza: drums,percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals (track 9), electric bass (track 5)

Alberto Callegari: electric bass

Sergio Nachira: percussion, backing vocals
Camillo Mozzoni: oboe

Paolo Tofani: Tricanta Veena



01. Song Of The Black Toad

02. Summoner Of Souls

03. Ti Bon Voodou

04. Are We Not Men?

05. Wanga Wanga

06. Sugar Mill Scene

07. Papa John

08. Bitter Sleep (Funeral In The Road)

09. A Ring of Silver Coins
10. Wake Madelena Wake
11. Baron La Croix
12. 20 Years Ago
13. Chant of the Black Cockerel
14. Summoning Baron Samedi
15. ... Servants of the Spirits
16. Mambo Jo 


930 copies