Paul Roland with Mick Crossley

Grimmer Than Grimm

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01. Nevermore (intro)
02. If The Sun Refused To Shine
03. A Long Time Ago
04. Rapunzel
05. What Will Become Of Me?
06. Lowly Weeps The King
07. Maleen
08. The Devil’s Bride
09. The Way Of The World
10. Once Upon A Time
11. Nevermore (reprise)

about Grimmer Than Grimm
In tune with his habit of revisiting his old material, Paul has returned to his 2011 album ‘Grimm’, (long time deleted and sought after collector’s item) and strengthened it with the participation of Mick Crossley (Flyte Reaction), who added some psychedelic flourishes to the songs and gave the record an entirely new tone. “I had always considered it a very strong album but one lacking the presence of other musicians as I had played all the instruments myself,” Roland explained. “Now it has that personality that it lacked in itsglorified ‘demo’ state and I’m very proud of it. In fact, Iwould say it is probably my personal favourite of all the albums I have made.”1 Crossley in turn described what he labelled as his “remote contribution” as follows, providing some fascinating asides about the project: “Paul sent me the ‘Grimm’ material as stereo mixes. My thoughts were not to drown it too much in many layers as the material was delicate and the songs were, in some respects, already complete. My remit (as ever) was to add a ‘psychedelic’ edge to the songs, so I triedto fit in parts that would add to an air of mystery and‘otherness’ to the tracks. It was mainly guitar parts with echo, fuzz and rotary speaker sounds that I put on – parts that could be used almost at a distance so the listener could maybe only half hear something, like a dream part almost. Some of the solos I did hada definite ‘place’ in the songs but much of what I do istextural. I also added some percussion sounds, bones being knocked together and cymbals etc., and sang some echoed backing vocals very occasionally. I tried to keep my contributions reigned in a little which was really in the spirit of the whole thing – to keep the de
licate nature of the songs intact.”2 The new version, tentatively titled ‘Grimmer Than Grimm’, has been ready for some time, and will see the light in 2018.

extract from ‘The Devil’s Jukebox – An Expanded Paul Roland Biography’ by Roberto Curti (published by Unifaun Productions Sept 2018)

With demonstration-like audio by Alberto Callegari at legendary Elfo Studios who remastered the album for vinyl and cd, this is a 300 only run. 300 deluxe gatefold lp with audiophile coloured vinyl and 500 audophile paper sleeve silver platinum CD. It won’t be repressed in this format anymore. So grab it while you may!

Recorded at World’s End Studios, Baden - Wurttemberg, Germany and Bag End Studios, England in Winter / Spring 2009 – 2010.

Mick Crossley’s contribution recorded 2015 at Girton-On-The-Wold.
All songs written and composed by Paul Roland.
All instruments played by Paul Roland and Mick Crossley.
Special guest: Rosie Eade, backing vocals.

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