Annie Barbazza

Annie's Playlist 2


500 copies


01a. Peace - A Beginning (Fripp/Sinfield)
01b. Still... YouTurn Me On (Lake)
02. C’est La Vie (Lake/Sinfield)
03. Fantasia Lindum (Gladwin)

04. Farewell My Lovely Nancy (Traditional)
05. Anatomy Of Love (Crawley/Tayle)
06. Epitaph (Fripp/Lake/Sin eld/McDonald/Giles)
07. In A Manner Of Speaking (Tong)

08. Hello Skinny (The Residents)
09. Harry Irene (Van Vliet)
10. Reanimator (Roland)
11. Yes Medley (Anderson/Squire/Howe)
12. Jethro Tull Medley (Anderson)
13. Cortez The Killer (Young)

Bonus Track:
14 . Dark Globe (Barrett) 

Annie Barbazza: vocals, acoustic guitars, piano

Lorenzo Trecordi: flute, electric and acoustic guitars, bkg. vocals